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HubSpot + Clearbit: A Perfect Match 

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Conor Ebbs

January 25, 2024

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Data is the foundation of all successful Sales & Marketing activities. You may build a beautifully executed campaign, but without high-quality data, it will fail every time.

When you’ve done the hard work of attracting and engaging your target audience and companies, but poor-quality data lets you down, it can feel incredibly deflating. Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to come by the high-quality data you need.

HubSpot’s new acquisition of Clearbit provides customers with access to Clearbit’s market-leading data to help market and sell more effectively and efficiently. Think of it as the automatic integration of the data you need directly into HubSpot.

Dare to Dream

Imagine having rich, accurate information on every contact and company inside HubSpot.

Imagine segmenting your contacts and companies based on real-time buying intent data.

It sounds like a dream, but with Clearbit,  HubSpot aims to make this a reality.

According to HubSpot, Clearbit has over 100 firmographic, demographic, and technographic attributes for every company with a website.

Clearbit’s data encompasses more than 20 million companies and 500 million decision-makers. This data has been sourced from over 250 public and private data sources, such as social profiles, company websites, legal filings, and crowdsourcing.

HubSpot + Clearbit: Possible Use Cases

There are several possible use cases for using Clearbit within HubSpot.

Targeting Accounts. Use your smartest sales acumen with the highest quality data on individual accounts to maximize your chances for a sale.

Visitor Intelligence. Get insights on who your anonymous website visitors are, even if they are working from home or are using a VPN.

Real-time Intent Data & Insights. Find out who is intending to buy, so you can make a better plan to sell.

Smart Segmentation. Your target market is likely composed of several different groups of people. The right way to approach them is by adopting a tailored strategy and message for each. Clearbit’s data helps break down your audience into meaningful segments.

B2B Datasets. Clearbit provides over 389 million contact records for over 50 million companies.

True ABX. ABX, or Account-Based Experience, is a go-to-market strategy that uses data and insights to provide tailored, relevant sales and marketing actions throughout the entire B2B customer journey.

How Will Clearbit’s Integration Into HubSpot Work?

HubSpot takes a “crafted, not cobbled” approach to all of its integrations. This means that they strive to make them integrate seamlessly and intuitively, rather than relying on a patched-together user experience.

Users will find that the new Clearbit integration just works, no extra steps needed. Put simply, HubSpot is still the HubSpot you had, plus all the buyer data you ever needed.

With the new integration, users will find the gaps in their marketing automation instantly filled in. Their contacts will be kept fresh, and data attributes will be refreshed in real-time.

Using Clearbit + HubSpot, users will be able to engage targeted accounts with personalized emails based on role, seniority, location, or over 100 other salient data points.

How EverWonder Can Help

As HubSpot users, this is a great opportunity to capitalize on a strategic integration and benefit from Clearbit’s rich data.

At EverWonder, we are fully invested in Inbound Marketing as a principle and a practice. We understand the benefits of infusing your website traffic analytics with intelligence and intent data to accurately segment prospects and improve your lead generation and nurturing activities.

For outbound Sales initiatives, having real-time, intent-rich account data will prove hugely valuable to any company focused on ABX in 2024. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Get in touch with us today to amplify your Marketing & Sales performance and alignment.

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