RC3 Partners is a relationship-first Executive Search and Executive Coaching firm. They came to EverWonder to help craft their go-to-market message, but more importantly generate the narrative for how they would begin offering Executive Coaching in their product offering.

This was particularly tricky, because it had to work harmoniously with their Executive Search offering, and effectively differentiate between the two. This all culminating in designing a visual identity flexible enough to market to enterprise organizations but also scale down to have that human centered feel for one-on-one coaching.

We chose a balance of soft blues and whites juxtaposed with an impactful green that offered a refreshing differentiation in the market. Ultimately we helped RC3 build a contemporary brand system, craft a sales narrative for Executive Coaching and Executive Search.

Also, we helped reskin RC3Partners.com and developed a series of Sales Collateral (i.e. business cards, one-sheeter, etc.).

RC3 Color Palette